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Tripartism@Work is a free quarterly e-newsletter by the Singapore Tripartism Forum (STF), which aims to showcase Tripartism in Singapore.


We are currently taking a break, so do check out our site for current tripartite news and events.


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2018 First Quarter 2018 (Thirty-First Issue)
  1. Update on Industry Transformation Maps (ITMs): Mapping Out New Transformations
  2. Tripartite Retreat
  3. SNEF BeyondSG50 CEO & Employers Forum: Embracing the Digital Future - Building the Enterprise Transformation Roadmap
  4. SNEF BeyondSG50 CEO Roundtable: Embracing the Digital Future – Challenges in Tripartite Leadership for Enterprise Transformation
  5. Key Committee of Supply (COS) 2018 Announcements Benefiting Employers and Workers
  6. Tripartite Alliance Award 2018 
2018 Fourth Quater 2017 (Thirtieth Issue)
  1. NTUC Ordinary Delegates' Conference 2017
  2. Tripartite Standards- Distinguishing Progressive Employers
  3. SNEF- Temasek Polytechnic 9th Structured Human Resource Internship Programme 
  4. Launch of SGSecure Guide for Workplaces
2017 Third Quarter 2017 (Twenty-Ninth Issue)
  1. National Wages Council: Deepen Skills and Transform Jobs to Enhance Productivity and Stay Future Ready
  2. Age Friendly Practices Enhance Job Opportunities for Older Workers
  3. HRIMP - Transforming Singapore's HR Industry to Better Support Businesses and Workers
2017 Second Quarter 2017 (Twenty-Eighth Issue)
  1. Developments in Workplace Transformation and Human Capital Development
    • SNEF SAPPHIRE Initiative Launched to Help SMEs Transform Their Workplaces
    • The 2nd SNEF BeyondSG50 CEO Roundtable
    • 74 Progressive Employers Recognised as Human Capital (HC) Partners
  2. TADM Launched to Assist Workers with Employment Disputes
  3. Key Committee of Supply (COS) 2017 Announcements Benefiting Employers and Workers
2017 First Quarter 2017 (Twenty-Seventh Issue)
  1. TAFEP 10th Anniversary - 10 Years of Creating Fair and Inclusive Workplaces and the Human Capital Partnership (HCP) Programme
  2. Mandatory Retrenchment Reporting from 1 January 2017
  3. Singapore Tripartism Forum Age Management Seminar 2016

Third Quarter 2016

(Twenty-Sixth Issue)

  1. SNEF-TP 8th Structured Human Resource Internship Programme: Preparing the Next Generation of HR Professionals
  2. SGSecure – Play Our Part to Protect Our Workplaces from the Terror Threat
  3. Progressive Wage Model (PWM) Implemented in the Security Industry on 1 Sep 2016

Second Quarter 2016

(Twenty-Fifth Issue)

  1. May Day: A Better Future for Workers
  2. National Wages Council: Press on with Restructuring and Productivity Efforts amidst Economic Uncertainty
  3. Tripartite Guidelines to Protect Interests
  4. The Singapore Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Conference 2016
2016 First Quarter 2016 (Twenty-Fourth Issue)
  1. Key Committee of Supply 2016 Initiatives Benefiting Employers and Workers
  2. Plugging into a New Game Plan
  3. Tripartite Challenges in the Future Economy
  4. Creating Fair and Progressive Workplaces
2016 Fourth Quarter 2015 (Twenty-Third Issue)
  1. ILO Hails Singapore’s Model Of Tripartism At The IFT
  2. PM Urges Tripartite Partners To Build On Mutual Trust At NTUC’s NDC
  3. How Local Companies Support The Re-Employment Of Older Workers
  4. Adoption of Progressive Wage Model In The Cleaning, Security And Landscape Sectors
2015 Third Quarter 2015 (Twenty-Second Issue)
  1. Tripartite Golf Friendly (TGF) 2015
  2. Amendments to Employment Act (EA) Phase 2
  3. SNEF-Temasek Polytechnic (TP) 7th Structured Human Resource Internship Programme (SHIP)
2015 Second Quarter 2015 (Twenty-First Issue)
  1. May Day Rally 2015 - Exceptional tripartism has benefitted all
  2. 104th Session of the International Labour Conference
  3. Enhancements to Support PMEs
  4. NWC: Focus on Skills to Ignite Productivity Growth and Sustain Wage Increases
  5. Unleashing the Potential of a Mature Workforce


First Quarter
(Twentieth Issue)

  1. Tribute to Mr Lee Kuan Yew
  2. MOM and NTUC Leadership Changes
  3. Budget 2015 for Employers and Workers
  4. Being Inclusive Is Everyone’s Job

Fourth Quarter


(Nineteenth Issue)

  1. Tackling The Future Through Tripartism
  2. Celebrating Work-Life
  3. Creating Dynamic Workplaces
  4. Tripartite Advisory on Re-employment of Employees from Age 65 to 67

Third Quarter 2014

(Eighteenth Issue)

  1. Award to Honour SNEF's Stephen Lee
  2. SNEF-TP Holds 6th Structured Human Resource Internship Programme
  3. 21st Tripartite Golf Friendly: Hub Launched To Boost Tripartism

Second Quarter 2014

(Seventeenth Issue)

  1. NWC: Focus On Productivity Growth In Tight Labour Market
  2. Enhancement to WorkPro: Creating Better Workplaces
  3. STF Dialogue: Transforming Our Workforce And Creating Opportunities For A Better Future
  4. Tripartite Leadership Programme 2014: Strengthening Tripartite Ties
  5. TAFEP Exemplary Employer Award 2014
2014 First Quarter 2014 (Sixteenth Issue)
  1. An Uplifting Budget For All
  2. Tripartite Guidelines On Issuance Of Itemised Payslips
  3. Tripartite Partners Gather Again To Loh Hei
  4. Work-Life Excellence Award (WLEA) 2014
  5. TAFEP Expands To Cover Progressive Employment Practices
  6. Employment Act Changes

September - November

(Fifteenth Issue)


  1. Tripartite Golf Friendly Turns 20...And so Does Orchid Country Club
  2. Companies Share Benefits of WorkPro
  3. SNEF-TP 5th Structured Human Resource Internship Programme (SHIP)
  4. Review of the Industrial Relations Act
  5. Being Fair Is The Right Thing To Do

May - August

(Fourteenth Issue)

  1. Strong Tripartism Critical For Economy
  2. NWC: Improve Productivity And Higher Wages For Low-Wage Workers
  3. WorkPro Packs In WoW! Fund, Flexi-Works! And The ADVANTAGE! Scheme
  4. Fifth Fair Employment Conference Advances Diversity And Inclusion At Workplaces
  5. STF Dialogue On Leveraging Tripartism For Quality Growth, Competitive Businesses And Inclusive Workforce

January - April

(Thirteenth Issue)

  1. STF Conference on Fair Employment Practices
  2. Employment Discrimination
  3. Enhanced Pro-Family Changes Get Warm Welcome
  4. Staying Strong in Tripartism
  5. 3 Key Pillars for Population Growth in Singapore
2012 October - December (Twelfth Issue)
  1. Striving Towards Sustainability (STF Luncheon Dialogue with CEOs)
  2. Progressive Wage is the Way To Go
  3. Work-Life Excellence Award (WLEA) 2012
  4. SNEF Structured Human Resource Internship Programme (SHIP)


July - September
(Eleventh Issue)



  1. Tripartite Delegation Attends International Labour Conference

  2. Singapore Ratifies ILO Convention 187

  3. NWC Urges Pay Increases For Low-Wage Workers

  4. Reconvening of The Tripartite Committee On Work-Life Strategy

  5. Working Together Towards Safer Workplaces

  6. 19th Tripartite Golf Friendly

  7. Managing Workplace Diversity - What All Employers Should Know  



April - June

(Tenth Issue)

  1. Singapore Tripartism Forum Events

  2. Community Engagement Programme (CEP) Forum Theatre Night

  3. Release of NWC Guidelines 2012/2013

  4. Call-For-Collaboration (CFC) Launched to Pilot Home- Based Work Centres
  5. Tripartite Partners to Review Employment Act
  6. Wage Increase Of Up to 50% with IGP



January - March

(Ninth Issue)

  1. Tripartism Is A National Treasure
  2. Be Recognised For Work-Life Excellence
  3. Retirement And Re-employment Act Is In Effect
  4. Harmony & Resilience In Workplace Is Key
  5. Check Out Enhanced Singapore Tripartism Forum (STF) Website



October - December

(Eighth Issue)

  1. Hiring And Developing A Singaporean Core
  2. Best Sourcing Advisory Being Updated
  3. Home-based Work Brings Wide Ranging Benefits
  4. ASEAN Seminar Deepens Knowledge of Work-Life Harmony And Flexible Labour Practices
  5. 180 Enjoy 18th Tripartite Golf Friendly
July - September
(Seventh Issue)
  1. NWC Pushes For Higher Wages and Productivity
  2. Singapore Tripartite Delegation at 100th Session of the International Labour Conference
  3. Singapore's Tripartism Shared In The Caribbean
  4. Conference On Fair Employment Practices 2011
  5. Study Trip Reinforces Value of Tripartism

April - June

(Sixth Issue)

  1. Work Together, Grow Together
  2. Everybody Wins In Re-employment
  3. New Guide To Help Organisations Be More Resilient And United
  4. Dialogue On Tripartism With Overseas Delegates
  5. Extension Of WSHA To All Workplaces

January - March

(Fifth Issue)

  1. New Channel For PMEs To Resolve Disputes With Employers
  2. Tripartite Partners Agree On Productivity
  3. Good Tripartite Leadership Is Critical
  4. SNEF Gives Students Hands-On HR Lessons
  5. Upcoming Events

October - December

(Fourth Issue)

  1. Tripartism Is Critical To Raising Productivity
  2. $40 Million Help For Low-Wage Workers
  3. Work-Life Strategies Bring Win-Win Outcomes
  4. Work-Life Champions Recognised
  5. PMEs To Get New Dispute Resolution Mechanism

July - September

(Third Issue)

  1. NWC: Sustainable Wage Increases, Continuous Productivity Improvements
  2. Singapore Shares Tripartite Downturn Response At The ILO
  3. Tripartite HR WSQ In IR Launched
  4. Motivated Tetra Pak Workers Up Productivity
  5. Suzhou Delegation Impressed By Singapore Tripartism

April - June

(Second Issue)

  1. Fair Employment Practices Aid Productivity
  2. Management Must Lead In Productivity
  3. SIAEC Shares Productivity Gains With Staff
  4. The National Drive Towards Re-employment


January - March


  1. The Road To Tripartism
  2. Re-employment Guidelines For Public Response
  3. Nurturing Tripartite Leaders
  4. Strengthening ASEAN Labour Practices
  5. Turning Adversity Into Opportunity
  6. Trusting TRUST