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Our Shared Values

1. Shared Responsibility    

For sustainable economic and social progress

  • The government must promote conducive environment for the economy to grow
  • Businesses must be competitive in order to create wealth
  • Workers must be employable and productive

The tripartite partners are committed to working together, as our shared responsibility, to reach consensus on necessary actions to:

  • Attract and retain investments through progressive policies, enabling legislattion, and harmonious industrial relations facilitated by the government
  • Strengthen business competitiveness and productivity to enhance profits, and create higher value-added and better paying jobs
  • Promote continuous learning, skills upgrading, and adaptability among workers to strengthen their employability, capabilities, earning capacity, and better quality of life

Towards this end, we will continue to formulate and review key economic and social policies, legislation, and guidelines on employment and industrial relations issues in tripartite institutions such as the National Wages Council, and ad hoc tripartite committees and advisory panels.

2. Common Understanding   

We will provide more platforms for information-sharing, ongoing communication, and regular dialogue, to deepen common understanding of the increasingly complex and diverse challenges confronting workers and their families, employers, and our national interests.

3. Mutual Trust and Respect     

Mutual trust and respect must be fostered, for frank exchange of views and genuine consensus in our strategic direction and response to challenges, through regular interaction and confidence in the mutual benefit of working together gained through experience over time.

4. Mutual Benefit Employer representatives and union leaders must be able to garner support for their decisions and actions. The benefits must be seen and understood by both workers and management. Ultimately, policies and programmes formulated through our tripartite partnership must be effectively implemented, balancing the needs and expectations of all stakeholders.  
 5. Leadership

Robust tripartite and bipartite relations which we have established over the years cannot be taken for granted. Relationships must be strengthened, deepened, and broadened, with each generation of leaders upholding the core tripartite values and the principles embodied in the Singapore Code of Industrial Relations Practice.

Tripartism will derive greater synergy by engaging more leaders and other partners at the national, industry and company levels, as well as in the wider community, to shape our future together and contribute to achieving our shared vision of a better life for all.