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STF Seminar On Best Sourcing Practices

Good HR practices are important to engage and motivate staff towards achieving better business outcomes. Companies that outsource services can institute best practices when outsourcing to motivate good service performance from their service providers and outsourced workers. Through best sourcing, service buyers will not only help to improve the terms and conditions of the workers employed by their service providers, but will also achieve better service and value for money.
This seminar provided participants with a good understanding of the recently released Tripartite Advisory on Best Sourcing, the step-by-step guidebook for service buyers, as well as the revamped Best Sourcing Initiative (BSI) funding scheme. NTUC has doubled the maximum grant a service buyer can receive under the Best Sourcing Initiative Programme.. It will now be $150,000 up from the current $75,000. Participants were also able to hear first-hand experiences from companies on how they have addressed the initial challenges of incorporating best sourcing into their procurement practices, and the benefits they have reaped.